RockBox Starter Kit (Launch Your Own Jewelry & Accessories Business)


Do your friends ask you where you get all your trendy items? Have you been considering starting your own business?? Or, perhaps you already own a salon and/or boutique. Either way, we can help you launch your very own jewelry & accessories business and/or help expand the unique items you make available to your current clientele, by getting a Natural Girls Rock 'Starter Kit' or 'MEGA Starter Kit'. It's like having a business in a box! 

You can earn extra money, make your own hours, and actually LOVE what you do? Sound too good to be true? Well, it IS possible!! Read on!!!!

Look good......FEEL GREAT!! 


PLEASE NOTE: Discount codes are not permitted on the purchase of this kit since it is already drastically reduced. The items sold at retail would be $800+

What are the benefits of investing in a Starter Kit or MEGA Starter Kit?

It's an awesome way to help other woman bring out that inner and outer beauty. Having the ability to show someone how they can take their overall 'look' up a notch simply by adding a few accessories to their current wardrobe is personally rewarding! You can use your fashion sense to help others bring out their inner rockstar fashionista! 

How Much Does a Fashion-based 'RockBox Starter Kit' Cost?

A RockBox Jewelry & Accessories Starter Kit is an unbelievable investment of only $297. Can you believe you can start your own business for only $297?? The items in the RockBox Starter kit are more than 50% below retail. If you sell the items at our retail rate, you stand to profit substantially. See below for details. 

Do I Get to Pick the Exact Items in My 'RockBox Starter Kit'?

The fashion-based kits are curated by us, with the most popular items we're currently selling. However, we encourage you to add 'Wish List' items in the 'Remarks' section at checkout if there are specific items you'd like included in your package. We will accommodate your request as best we can. See more below for ordering specific items to replenish AFTER the Starter Kit. While all kits are different, the same approximate value remains the same. 

How Do I Replenish the Items That I Find To Be Most Popular With My Clients?

Once you purchase the Starter Kit or MEGA Starter Kit, you are eligible to apply to get a personal wholesale buyer discount code of 50% off the prices on our website to replenish your stock. At that point, you'd be an 'Authorized Distributor' and may place the official symbol on your website. The logo will be provided with your contract.

Keep your wholesale price point in mind when deciding your price point in which to sell your items. We recommend pricing them affordably, while also allowing you to get a great profit. 

Once you begin to sell, you will get to know the sort of style your particular clients navigate towards. It's better to replenish you kit sooner, rather than later, once you have a good idea of your target market and have sold at least 10 of your items.


ONLY ONE STARTER KIT MAY BE PURCHASED PER PERSON BECAUSE THE ITEMS ARE SO DRASTICALLY REDUCED. In order to get your items replenished, you will need to apply for a discount code. It basically means that you will be given a 50% off discount code to purchase accessory items on our website. ALL of the products AFTER you've purchased your RockBox Starter Kit will be your specific selections, and you'll get 50% off the website retail price. The minimim ordering requirement is $250 per order. To apply for your code, send an email to You will also receive the official RockBox Style Consultant Logo with your wholesale contract. It may be used on your website and/or business cards. 

PLEASE NOTE: Wholesale contracts take approximately 5-7 business days from the time of your emailed request to get drafted and approved. Please allow time for processing. If you have not received a contract within 7 business days from your request, please call us at 678-762-9000. Once you are issued a 'Wholesalers Discount Code', it will remain active as long as it is used at least once every Quarter. 


How Much Should I sell the items for in my RockBox Starter Kit?

This will depend on your market and most often geographic location. For example, someone is California will likely be able to price an item for more than someone in Georgia, simply because of the cost of living and salaries, etc in each location. We recommend selling the items for 5% - 10% lower than we sell them online, so as to give incentive for your buyers to patronize you! For example: If you sold the 60 products for between $10 - $15 dollars each. You would bring in between $600.00 - $900.00

How Do I Host a Party?

That is totally up to you. We recommend starting with family and friends, and even co-workers. Upload photos of the items to your social media sites and watch the items fly off the shelves. 


Ready to Get Started? Place your order below:

P.S. If there are specific items you'd like included in your package, please include the item names, color, and quantity in the 'Remarks' section at checkout. We will accommodate your request as best we can. 

RockBox Starter Kit...........................................$297.00 

20 Pair of assorted wooden earrings

10 Pair of assorted gold tone earrings

10 Pair of assorted silver tone earrings

10 Assorted Bracelets/bangles

10 Pair of assorted Sunglasses/frames

10 Natural Girls Rock Buttons

1 Natural Girls Rock Car Magnet

10 Gift Bags (to get you started)

Approximate Retail value.....................................$600.00 - $900.00

RockBox Starter Kit...........................................$497.00

25 Pair of assorted wooden earrings

10 Pair of assorted gold tone earrings

10 Pair of assorted silver tone earrings

10 Assorted Bracelets/bangles

10 Pair of assorted Sunglasses/frames

10 Natural Girls Rock Buttons
6 Natural Girl Rock t-shirts
6 Dashiki's

1 Natural Girls Rock Car Magnet

1 Natural Girls Rock Key Chain

10 Gift Bags (to get you started)

Approximate Retail value.....................................$1100.00 - $1400.00

Please Note: This item takes approximately 5 business days for processing & handling.