My Natural Hair Diary

Hi, Thanks for stopping by! My name is Kelly J. I am the founder of Natural Girls Rock. I created "My Natural Hair Diary" to serve as a central location for you to follow along in my journey with pictures and videos. It is my hope that I can help you along in your journey! Good luck! YOU ROCK!! 

NOTE: MY JOURNEY STARTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. If you'd like to follow in chronological order, please start at the bottom. The most current posts are at the top, and will be updated periodically.

My first big chop was in 1999. I was natural for about 2 years and as my hair grew out, it became very difficult to manage. I started getting it straightened on a consistent basis. At the time, I didn't know what "heat damage" was. I didn't have the knowledge and education I have now. The products that are now on the market were not available back then. My hair got to the point that it would not 'revert back' when it was in its natural state, so, I decided it was time to relax my hair. I stayed a 'in-the-chair-EVERY-week' chick for several years thereafter. I've always considered my hair as a significant part of my overall look. 

My journey (this time around) began on January 6, 2011. I transitioned for 3 months. It is my hope that sharing my journey will help someone along the way on theirs. Enjoy! - Kelly J

 NOTE: Get more information on any of the hair products or accessories by clicking on the name of the item.  


October 2017



February 2016

H20 + Glycerin + Premium Castor Oil + Eco Styler Gel will have your 4C hair moisturized and waving up like whoa!! Get this 'Moisture Max' Combo HERE.

January 2016

This is a crochet braid style with curly human hair. I love this style!! Easy Breezy. I was trying to take a selfie and my husband bounced in....It's an Usie!! :) #Ilovemesomehim :)

April 2015

I'm currently rockin' a Fro!!! And yes, people always ask if they can touch it. I really don't mind at all. There are sooooo many ladies that are uptight about this 'touch my hair' topic and I personally think it's ridiculous (shoot me now if you must). Other races are simply curious about what is unfamiliar to them. As long as they ask first, I'm cool with it. I've heard lots of women say 'I'm not a pet', or 'they are invading my personal space', or 'they may not have washed their hands'........Whatever. To each her own. I love my hair and so do others, if they touch it, all they have to do is simply ask, and the answer is YES, YOU CAN! - Kelly J

March 2015

Decided to give my hair a rest and rock crochet braids with 'Marley Hair'. I'm letting my color grow out. I'm ready for a change........I'm going back to black. Likey?? :)


May 2014

I decided to color my hair one more time. This will likely be my last time for a while, I'm ready for my natural dark color again. This is a two-strand twist out using PURE unrefined Premium Mango Butter. I used a bobby pin to tuck my hair under in the back to make it look like I had a fly cut. :) Note: The Mango Butter can be a headache to apply but provides amazing definition AND longer sustained moisture. It took me a while to figure out that all you need to do is put it in the microwave to melt it first! It's a bit messy to apply as an oil, but the results are worth it! Get Premium Mango Butter HERE.  




Random Day in March 2014

My hair is just up in an old two-strand twist out. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get my hair colored again...


February 14, 2014

My husband and I went to New York for the Valentine's Day weekend. He surprised me with VIP tickets to the Kanye West concert. He's not my favorite but the show was AMAZING!! Here's my look.....My hair is in the shape of a heart (not on purpose though). :)



Random day in February 2014

I used a plain ole' bandana to put my hair up like this. My bangs are so long at this point, I just started making them shorter by tucking them under with a bobbie pin. Get the bandanas here. 

February 8, 2014: 

Flat Twist Out worn full.....


January 28-30, 2014:

This is a flat twist out using the "DIY Hair and Body Butter". Get the ingredients and directions HERE.

January 23, 2014:

I flat twisted using the same product combination as listed below:


January 21-22, 2014:

Missing my curls. Washed, deep conditioned with Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner. No time to sit under steamer tonight. 2nd option, 'self-warming conditioner cap'. The secret to making this magical thing last is to put on a regular shower cap first to protect the coating. Plus, the two caps is extra moisturizing!!


This is what I used for my twist outs. Get the directions and recipe here. 


January 10, 2014

Got my hair straightened and CUT at Natural Xpression Salon in Atlanta, GA. Check them out! Tell them Kelly J sent you!

December 30, 2013:

This is a great way to stretch your hair without using heat. I washed, and conditioned my hair with Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner. I used regular rubber bands to elongated my hair into two pony tails. I did not twist my hair at all. I let it dry overnight and CAREFULLY removed the rubberbands the next morning. This method works wonders for stretched hair without using heat.

December 28, 2013: 


I wore on a twist out the the Jay-Z concert in Atlanta. This was what I did with it the following day. 

December 24, 2013:


Old twist out turned afro (Lip color is "Vamp Red" by Nyx, also available on this website):



December 22, 2013:


I washed my hair and gave myself a 'Steam Hydration Treatment'. A steam hydration treatment is a form of deep conditioning that utilizes steam and heat as the catalyst infuse ULTIMATE MOISTURE in your hair. With traditional conditioning, the conditioner coats the outside of your hair without truly penetrating the scalp and hair shaft. In a steam hydration treatment, the steam and heat cause the hair shaft to expand, thereby allowing the conditioner to thoroughly penetrate INTO your hair and do what it's designed to do. Regular steam hydration treatments produce hair that is MOISTURIZED...and because it's not seeking outside moisture, styles hold longer. 


Afterwards, I flat twisted it from the crown as shown. I used Premium Avocado Oil and Eco Styler gel. I wore a bonnett to bed and unraveled it the next morning. The results were different that what I'd envisioned in my mind (thus the shrug face), but I made it work for the day. :)


September 15, 2013

This is me at the Natural Girls Rock 5th Season Fall Photo shoot. This is a two strand twist out. I installed medium sized twists on damp hair. To achieve this look, I washed my hair with Dudu Osum All Natural Shampoo. I then deep conditioned it with Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner using a plastic Self-Warming Conditioner Cap for a few hours. I rinsed with cool water to lock in the moisture. I then melted African Shea Butter in the microwave. I applied it to my hair section by section with a 'dye brush'. This allows for EVERY strand of hair to be coated. I installed the two-strand twists and let them dry overnight and well into the next day. Shea Butter is a very heavy butter. When you apply it as an oil, it will take more drying time. The results are so worth it though. You get the most amazing definition because using this method, you apply it as an oil but it drys as a butter.


August 23, 2013 - Flat twisted my hair all over for the first time. Not feelin' the results but I'm going make it work!

August 20, 2013 - Puff


August 17, 2013 - Moisture retention is the key to hair health and hair growth. Here's a suggestion for maintaining your moisture in your hair. (This is GREAT for new naturals in finding the proper moisture level of your hair).

1. Do the 'Baggie Method'. It's sort of like creating a 'green house effect' on your hair. How do you 'Baggie"?

A) Apply water to your hair with a spray bottle. Water is the only substance that penetrates the hair shaft at 100%.

B) Apply your favorite conditioner (I use Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner).

C) Put on a plastic cap and a bonnet for an extended period of time, often overnight. Your natural body heat activates and heats to LOVE on your hair deep down. I use a self-warming conditioning cap from

D) When it's time to rinse, do so using cool water to close the cuticle.

E) Apply an oil or a butter to SEAL in the MOISTURE. I use Premium Castor Oil or African Shea Butter to seal. 


August 15, 2013 - Two strand twist out


August 13, 2013 - My hair is a very course and very dense 4C. In this photo, I used Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner  as a "leave-in" and also Eco Styler Gel. This combination of products creates curls galore for my hair.



August 2, 2013 - Pulled my old twist out up in a simple puff. I hold it in place with "Ouchless Elastics". I double the band to  pull in up tight enough to stand in place. 


August 2, 2013 -Did you know that Premium Avocado Oil is an AMAZING moisture sealant for hair and  skin? I love it on my 40 year old skin! I put a few drops in daily moisturizer or I rub a few drops in a circular motion. No make up photo. :)


 August 1, 2013 - Old Twist-Out Turned Fro-Hawk (Part Two)


August 1, 2013 - Old Twist-Out Turned Fro-Hawk (Part One)


July 29, 2013 - How to Refresh a Day-Three Twist Out


 July 28, 2013 - How to Refresh a Day-Two Twist Out


July 25, 2013 - How to Pre-Poo Natural Hair


July 24, 2013 - How to Refresh a SUPER old Twist Out and Obtain a Rockin' Afro


June 7, 2013

Thanks to Tas and Poka of Natural Xpression Salon in Atlanta. They sure do know how to love on some hair! Had my hair cut and LOVED on. This is a flat twist out. I'm not sure what products they used but I love this look. My hair is really growing back fast. I just got it cut in April to give it more shape. It was much longer in the back than it was in the middle. The back of my hair and the bangs grow much faster than the crown. I'm not so much in love with growing my hair down to my ankles, as I am maintaining my hair health and also having a ROCKIN' look. :) 


June 4, 2013

My twist out is on its last leg but I'm still making it work. All I did was sprayed my old twist out with spray bottle withVegetable Glycerin Spritzerand shaped my hair with my fingers to give it this shape. The block of photos below this one shows how I reshaped it again. :)

June 1, 2013


Fro-hawk to the cook out in Atlanta, GA. I secured my hair on the sides withtwo sided hair combs. I bought this dress and belt at TJ Maxx; belt at "Know Style";sunglasses, bracelets and necklace are from NGR. :)

May 31, 2013

Part of what I like about being natural is experimenting with different products. Here, I did this two-strand twist. I melted shea butterin the microwave and mixed it with Premium Castor Oil. I apply it to clean wet hair using and applicator brush to ensure all strands were covered. I twisted in medium twists and let dry overnight. Untwisted and applied Premium Avocado Oil to minimize the frizz and add shine. My hair was happy that day!



May 30, 2013

SHAMPOO!?!?.......Sooo, using 'shampoo' is not the norm for a large group of naturals because many shampoos contain drying sulfates, etc. When I do wash my hair, this ALL NATURAL shampoo is one of the few things I'll use. Sometimes, I wash my hair in the sink rather than the shower. It allows me to really go through it really well, section by section to ensure my scalp and hair have been given a 'rockin spa treatment'!  A healthy scalp is a must to yield a health head of hair. P.S. It's okay to wash your hair. I use this Dudu-Osum All Natural Shampoo. 

May 30, 2013


If you feel your hair needs a little extra conditioning, apply your favorite deep conditioner, put on a plastic cap and scarf and your'e good to go.  (multi-use infinity scarf/Headwrap,sunglasses).


May 29, 2013

Time to get a little 'fancy' with my fro-puff!  I 'slicked' (Yes, i said SLICKED) down on the sides and used an "ouchless elastic" to hold it in place.  I left a piece out in the front and secured it with a clip for my bang. I pushed my hair up in the back, meanwhile positioning it exactly where I wanted the bulk of the hair to be. Once secured, I unclipped the bang and blended it with the frohawk puff part with my pik and fingers. Products used: Premium Castor Oil,Vegetable Glycerine Spritzer,Eco Styler GelLip color (Doll Pink)infinity scarfearrings. NOTE: Hair was custom colored by Natural Xpression Salon (Atlanta, Ga).

May 27, 2013

Pufftastic time! I used Ouchless Elastics to put my hair up in this puff. To lay the edges and back down. I sprayed my hair using a water bottle with Vegetable Glycerin Spritzer. I then applied Premium Castor Oil and Eco Styler Gel. I use Premium Avocado Oil to give it a good shine. It is very light and is AMAZING at sealing in moisture. I use it on my skin as well. 


May 25, 2013

Back to my 4C Fro-Hawk. This time it's a full fro-hawk. The previous one was pushed up the the back like a puff. This time, I used at wo-sided hair comb to secure my hair on the sides. They work wonders for creating different natural styles! left my bangs out but pulled it down in the front to make it a little wild. My hair is really growing like crazy. Try Premium Castor Oil. It will work wonders for your hair! 


Question: Do you retwist evert night? Answer: No, depends on what look I'm going for the next day. If I choose not to retwist, I mist my hair with aVegetable Glycerin Spritzer for sustained moisture. I then 'pineapple' my hair in 3 sections as shown. This keeps the curls from getting matted and flat & stretches my hair at the roots giving me a more elongated look the following day. If/when I choose to retwist, I do so using theVegetable Glycerin Spritzerand twist in much larger sections. Hope this helps!  

Top left: Slept with hair pineappled in 3 ponytails. Top right: went for a jog outside and kept it sane way. Bottom Right: took down and let the shower steam loosen it. Sprayed a lil' vegetable glycerin spray on it. Bottom right: shaped it and ready rock and rock..


May 16, 2013


Back to my 4C Fro-Hawk. I used an Ouchless Elastic to pull my hair up in the back. I left my bangs out but fluffed it in the front to make it look like one section. I pulled on the front with four fingers to give it an exaggerated bang sort of look. I liked hubby, not so! :)



May 13, 2013

Style: Two-strand twist out.

Products used: Glycerin and Eco Styler Gel (ESG).

Hair Type: 4Z; thick to the nth degree!


1) On wet hair, part in sections as desired depending on what direction you ultimately want your hair to fall.

2) For each section, spray"Glycerin Spritzer"to saturate the hair.

3) ApplyPremium Vegetable Glycerindirectly to your entire hair shaft from root to tips, meanwhile massaging and loosening the hair with your fingers ...especially if you started out with dry hair.

4) Do same as step three but withEco Styler Gelthis time. NOTE: ThePremium Vegetable Glycerinacts as a moisture sealant, while the Eco Styler Gel serves as a great definition aid.

5) Use a wide tooth comb or a Denman brush to smooth the section. This will create smooth defined coils.

6) Apply two-strand twists concentrating on each section. This assists in twist proportion. The size of the twists will depend on your desired result. For this picture, I used medium sized twists, parted my hair in the middle and applied the twists to frame my face.

7) Once twists we're all in, I went back and pulled each twist to excrete the excess greasy sort of "gunk" that tends to form from the glycerin andEco Styler Gel Put on your trusty satin bonnet and rest well.

8) In the morning, your hair will likely be a little damp in spots becausePremium Vegetable Glycerinis a heavy humectant. Carefully untwist each section into it's own coil(s). How many will depend on your desired result. If you want a fuller affect in certain areas, untwist more in that particular area.

9) Style as desired.  NOTE: The Eco Styler Gel may e purchased at your local beauty supply store orHERE. 100%Glycerin and Glycerin Spritzer Kits are availableHERE.

May 12, 2013


This below photos show the TRUE texture of my hair. It is VERY course 4C/4Z texture hair. LOL!! Although I love it, it IS indeed something to tackle and can make the arms rather tired...quickly!!! When I putPremium Castor Oil and Eco Styler Gelin it, it appears to be a totally different head of coils. I like it both ways.


May 10, 2013


Twist out getting old, throw on a head wrap and ROCK OUT!

May 7, 2013

This is was my first time doing this to my hair. I'm calling this styling method the "Two-Strand Fluff Out". Why? Because I do it by preparing large two strand twists and fluffing it out the following day. For this style, I was not going for the traditional two strand twist, but rather, more of a naturally curly 'fro. I absolutely loved it! I left two front twists in to show the twist size. It took me 15-20 minutes in the evening and 10 minutes to fluff out in the morning! Fabulosity just got easier!! Lol!! No really, my hair is very course 4C so, YOU can do it too!! For this style, I started with clean wet hair. I sectioned it and applied Premium Castor Oil and Eco Styler Gelto each section and installed two strand twists. I only apply the products to the section I'm actually working on. This prevents it from drying too soon in areas I'm ot working on. I put on a plastic cap for a few hours to really get my hair moist and then removed it and let it hair dry with remainder of the night into the next day. 

May 4, 2013


My hair is LOVING thePremium Castor Oil. My moisture level is off the charts. I twisted my hair wet. I used the castor oil andEco Styler Gel together. I actually slept with a plastic cap and bonnet on because I wanted the castor oil to really get iN there and boy, did it!! My hair was super juicy....not dripping or anything, like a Jheri Curl but certainly had to lean a little forward so I wouldn't mess up the car seat! :) I was very happy with the look. :)


April 26, 2013

The bottom photo is a day one individual two strand twist out done on damp hair with Premium Castor Oilfor moisture and Eco styler gel for definition. The photo at the top right is day 5. I retested at night only in the sections that are fuzzier than than I wanted. I pineappled my your hair up in a high loose bun at night and fluffed it out the next day. The main thing to remember is that your hair won't look exactly the same each day BUT, it can be fabulous and MOISTURIZED for 5-7 days with this method.  


****A lot of the details of the below portion of my journey now escape me. Above you will find more detailed information, as I decided to finally 'chronicle' my journey...."My Daily Hair Diary"****


I started getting too busy to do videos and don't remember ALL the  products I was 'sampling' during the time of the photos shown below. I know I used Camille Rose Naturals and Koils by Nature.....from that, I began using100% African Shea Butter to twist my hair, as exhibited in the first photo in the collage below. I found it to be the awesome in regarding to sealing in moisture. It is a hard butter, so I'd melt it in the microwave and apply it while it was loose. It took a day or two to 'set' but gave awesome definition!

There is only one product that I have used since the beginning of my journey and still use consistently. It's the one I created at the beginning of my journey and has become extremely popular. It isDeep SOULutions Deep Conditioner.

Here's a few photos during the 1.5 - 2 year mark of my journey. :)





20 months - Started getting too busy to do videos! :(

Month 10 - Learning to master a "puff"; also making flax seed gel


Month 8 - Staple products, growth shots, two strand twist out on short hair.....


Month 7 - Three most frequently asked questions.....

Month Six - I'm amazed at my six month hair transformation....




Month Four


I'm REALLY starting to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my hair at this point! I can do different things with it now...well, a few different things! I do the "baggie method" as often and I can and my hair is growing out nicely!


Month Three



Many naturals co-wash their hair everyday at this stage, if you want to get a few days out of your style, watch this video..



Month Two



This is around the time the "Poppin Curls" video was published on You Tube (Continued with weekly Deep Conditioning. I'd discovered and begin to do the "Baggie Method" quite often. If your hair is very short and you want add definition to your curls, watch this video:


The Morning After The Big Chop!






This is a true life documentary of my natural hair journey. 
NOTE: This video below was recorded and published in January 2011. It shows the actual transition of true "4B- 4C" hair make a transformation  from the very beginning of a Big Chop to the first 6 months of my journey. 
Immediately following a Big Chop, it in inevitable to experience increased dry and brittle hair as your tresses adjust to it's new form of being. 


This video and recipe were originally published on You Tube and many people used it and loved it! Many expressed interest in the availability of it being offered for sale because all of the ingredients were not available in their area and/or that they did not want to go from store to store to store to search for the different ingredients that are not common finds.

From that, the original recipe was enhanced and is now known as "Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner".