The Sensuality Of Skirts

June 30, 2017

The Sensuality Of Skirts

Designed to make you appear LIGHTWEIGHT and walking with a flow that's almost a GLIDE, the magic of skirts is undeniable and their feminine appeal is beyond doubt. I mean, what dude doesn't  turn his head to admire a woman wearing a SKIRT? Making it work so you come across looking beautiful and classy  is something worth learning.

In the current fashion trendy of mid-lento and full length flowing skirts, BALANCE attains a far more crucial role and getting it right takes some EFFORT. Let's begin with some classic faves, called CALF-LENGTH SKIRTS. If you're a woman whose legs are SKINNY, these skirts are best because of the way they add VOLUME and enable SHAPELINESS to come around.

A close cousin of that last skirt is the ANKLE-LENGTH variety, ideal for women with HEAVY legs who need that added touch of femininity without showing off too much skin (IF that's something you wish to veer away from). If you like something shorter, the key is to make sure the hems DON'T stop at the thickest parts of your leg.

LONG-LEGGED women are lucky enough to have options with skirts. Show off those infinity-legs with skirts that stop JUST above or JUST below the knee. Again, use your KNEES as balance-hubs to keep you from looking lopsided. Longer skirts are sure to suit you as well, but opt for ones that bring out your HIPS and WAIST so the sensual length of your legs doesn’t stay hidden behind the fabric. It THEN leaves a nice impression on the eye.

A ridiculously easy trick to try out in regards to the popular full length skirts....STAND before a full length mirror and keep LIFTING it every few inches. Clip it in place now and again, see how you look at that particular length and choose the best style for you. Ladies, keep in mind, your skirt should NEVER stop half-way at the knee, as it this length will make you look larger than you actually are.

Play away at the sensuality of skirts, because being feminine may take SOME effort but it sure yields the power of beauty and unleashes it on the world around you.

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